These Egg Decorating Kits Make Your Easter Eggs Look Like Unicorns And Dinosaurs

Chocolate bunnies and jellybeans may get all the hype, but we can’t forget the fun and tradition of dying Easter eggs. As years have gone on, it’s not just the old one color and done situation. Egg decorating kits have gotten exponentially cooler and make it possible for your eggs to look like dinosaurs, race cars, and unicorns.

These egg decorating kits make it way too easy to win your annual egg decorating contest. While they include the dye you need for the base color, they also come with egg wraps and stickers to accessorize your eggs.

Spotted by @Dadbodsnacks, there are versions of the kits that help you make cool colors like the “Candy Shine” pack that makes eggs look bright and glossy and the Unicorn Color Whip that makes the shells glittery and metallic.

Paas Easter Unicorn Eggs Decorating Kit

PAAS Easter Unicorn Color Whip with Glitter Egg Decorating Kit

It gets crazier with the dinosaur, race car, unicorn, and solar system kits, because now you can finally execute the perfect egg decoration without the hassle of dipping in colors or trying to draw. The dinosaur kit comes with wraps that fit right around your egg and have faces of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and other prehistoric species. The race car kit, appropriately called “Hot Rods” has wraps that can make your eggs look straight off the Daytona track.

The solar system kit also has wraps that make each egg look like a different planet, but be sure to dye your egg a color that corresponds with the planet for the best finished look. Unlike all the others, the unicorn kit comes with stickers rather than the wraps, so you can decide how you place them for a unique design.

If it sounds like I’m a little too excited about the egg decorating potential, it’s because I am! I’m not too old for this…right?

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