These Hand Sanitizers Are Inspired Candies And Ice Cream

It seems like you can get beauty products, soaps, and lotions that are inspired by pretty much any food you want nowadays. How about an Icee bath bomb? They’ve got you covered. Hershey’s chocolate-inspired make-up? It exists! So it should be no surprise then that hand sanitizer inspired by some of your favorite sweet treats exist.

Candy emporium IT’SUGAR is selling four different types of sugary-smelling hand sanitizers. First up is grape Mike and Ike, followed by Strawberry Smarties, Cookies & Cream Dippin’ Dots, and Cherry Icee. It’s worth noting that they’ve been selling these online for a while, but the company recently decided to showcase them on their Instagram.

Each hand sanitizer is designed to fit in your pocket and even has a carrying case so you can take it with you. Each also contains 65 percent alcohol which passes the CDC’s recommended 60 percent alcohol level (for comparison, Purell is made with 70 percent ethyl alcohol, according to The New York Times).

These candy hand sanitizers were spotted by Instagrammer @Foodiewiththebeasts and commenters on their post noted that while these are pretty sweet, it would also be pretty tempting to want to eat them…and while I don’t think I should have to say it, I will: Please don’t eat this hand sanitizer!

If you want to get some for yourself, they’re available on the IT’SUGAR website right now for $15 for a pack of four.

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