These Pink And Purple Frosted Sugar Cookies Taste Like Cotton Candy


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Cotton has come a long way from just being a pink or blue carnival snack. It’s been integrated into a range of different foods, like ice cream, cereal, and these interesting crunchy balls. Some look better than others, but these frosted sugar cookies just might win for the prettiest snack.

The Cotton Candy Frosted Sugar Cookies are exactly what they sound like. They start with a soft sugar cookie that is topped with pink- and purple-swirled icing, which natural blends together to add some blue in there as well. Some packs are finished off with multicolored sprinkles in classic, round, and star shapes. We told you they were pretty!

You can find the 10-pack of Cotton Candy Frosted Sugar Cookies at Walmart. One pack is only $2.97, which is a pretty sweet deal for not lifting a finger. We won’t tell your friends if you decide to place them on a plate and present them as your own.

If there were ever a reason to check out Walmart’s bakery section — and stock up on milk to wash it all down with — we think sugar cookies that taste like cotton candy are high on the list.

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