These Slippers Look Just Like A Cup Of Bubble Tea

It is my firm belief that in the midst of such a trying time, we should all search for little things that bring us brief glimpses of joy. And while you’ve hopefully been able to support your community however you’re able, you should also have a little something nice, as a treat. Enter: these currently back-ordered Pearl Boba Tea Plush Slides by Smoko.

The adorable plushies are on sale for $20 at the moment, but Smoko is quick to manage expectations; they’ve seen an increase in demand on the product (see: the aforementioned world issues and how we’re all struggling at the moment) and want you to know that if you order the slippers now, you will get them sometime toward the end of the month. If you were ahead of the curve and ordered these back in March, you may see them around April 15.

Anyway! I digress. Smoko describes the product as such: “They may not be made of real boba, but our plush boba slippers will keep your feet nice and cozy.” They are slip-ons with black boba detailing toward the heel and a cute lil smiley up top. Toward the pinky toe on each slipper is a tiny nub of a bubble tea straw.

If this vein of boba merch isn’t exactly for you, please note that Smoko is the creator of some of the other uber-viral stuff that’s been circulating for awhile now. Maybe you need a boba AirPod case to bring you a smile? Perhaps a boba bedside lamp will do? You’ve got options. Go forth! Experience joy!

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