This Dad Turned Himself Into The Food Critic From “Ratatouille”

In case you’re not on TikTok, let me let you in on a little secret: Everybody on this app loves the 2007 Disney-Pixar animated film Ratatouille. Seriously! Everyone is cooking on the app to a song from the movie (or rather, a poorly sung version of a song from the movie) or making parodies with their own pet rats. But the best rat-centric content coming out of TikTok right now is from a dad who dressed up to look like one of the most iconic characters from the movie.

TikToker Joe Mele often posts videos with his dad Frank, as pointed out by The Takeout, and his viewers seem to agree that Frank looks a lot like the food critic Anton Ego from Ratatouille. The thing is, Frank doesn’t really dress like a grumpy French food writer, so Joe decided to give him a bit of a makeover.

The TikTok is truly a work of art, with Joe dressing Frank in a black turtleneck, scarf, glasses, and dark eye makeup. (Rat) chef’s kiss. Frank even did some poses at the end to really drive the resemblance home.

The video currently has 10 million likes, so it’s safe to say people are fans of the extremely fun project that these two cooked up.

“He is actually his twin tho,” the top comment reads. “Make a second movie right now,” another said. “Ratatouille has been real quiet since this dropped,” reads my favorite comment.

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