This “Friends”-Themed Pool Float Is Perfect For Summer Lounging

From a huggable sloth to giant bean bags to an open-mouthed shark, there are tons of novelty pool floats to suit every type of personality and mood. Well, we just found the perfect one for Friends fans to lounge on all summer long: this float of Monica’s iconic purple door.

The top of the plastic purple door float features the signature golden frame around a peephole. The door float also has illustrations of the the chain, lock, and doorknob just as they appear on the show’s set. Sized at 27.56 by 66.9 inches and weighing about 2 pounds, the door float is ideal for a solo lounge. Or, if you need a pool party suggestion, you and your friends can recreate the “floating heads” scene in “The One With the Late Thanksgiving” episode, in which Ross, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe all poke their heads in through the chained door.

While you patiently wait for the Friends reunion special (featuring all six of the sitcom’s stars!) to air on HBO, you can relax in your pool on the Friends purple door float. The Insta-wrothy door float is available to purchase at Urban Outfitters for $35

Looking for more Friends-themed fun at home? Test your knowledge of the show’s characters with this Friends version of the Guess Who? board game, and invest in Central Perk playing this Friends edition Monopoly based on iconic moments from the series. You can even light Friends-themed candles that smell like each core character.

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