This Maggi Omelette Recipe For Lockdown Is Winning The Internet (Watch Recipe Video)

This Maggi Omelette Recipe For Lockdown Is Winning The Internet (Watch Recipe Video)

This easy Maggi omelette could be your go-to breakfast recipe.


  • We all are indulging in comfort foods at home during lockdown.
  • Here’s a quick and easy recipe for breakfast we found on the internet.
  • Watch the recipe video to make delicious Maggi omelette.

The only good thing about self-quarantine is you get enough time to nurture your passion. For many of us, it has been cooking – not just for survival but also for the kick of exploring our culinary aptitude. The internet is full of unique never-seen-before recipes that you can cook with minimal ingredients without running to the market during lockdown. Comfort foods are what we need to keep our mind at peace during this otherwise harrowing time. Bringing two of our most loved meals together, this recipe video of Maggi omelette hit the right chord with all the home chefs in the running.

We found the recipe video on Facebook page ‘Hmm’ by food vlogger Nikhil Chawla. The recipe garnered a great response with many likes and comments pouring in. The omelette enclosing the electrifying flavours of Maggi noodles masala makes for a perfect breakfast dish. The video shows how to make this omelette in two varieties – fiery spicy omelette for you, and non-spicy one for the kids.

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Curiosity got the better of us after watching the recipe video and we went ahead and tried it. As expected, this Maggi omelette did turn out to be a great fusion meal.

The idea of Maggi omelette can actually be dialled back to the World War II era when this was the one of the easiest meal (with Ramen noodles at that time) that could be prepared in minutes. This meal still holds its relevance when hunger rages a war and we need something quick and tasty to fight and beat it.

Watch the recipe video of Maggi omelette –

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