This Mango Coconut Barfi Is The Perfectly Sweet Summer Delight (Recipe Video Inside)

Mango coconut barfi is a delicious summer recipe.


  • Sweetness of mango and earthy flavour of coconut come together
  • Mango coconut barfi makes for a delicious summer dessert
  • It can be had any time during the day and is not overly sweet

Summers are right around the corner and the time of the year is finally here when we can gorge on our favourite summer fruits, refreshing drinks and desserts. As the sweltering summer months begin and temperatures begin to soar, we are often on the lookout for desserts and drinks, which are light to the stomach and yet rejuvenate us from within. Mango coconut barfi is one such delicious recipe which satiates our sweet tooth without being overly sugary either.

With just five ingredients and a total cooking time of thirty minutes, the Mango coconut barfi is ideal for times when you want to quickly whip up a sweet delight. The recipe has enough ingredients to make it for four servings, thus ideal for a small family gathering at home. What’s more, the use of varak or a thin coating of silver foil on top of the barfi gives it a touch of royalty too!

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The generous amounts of mango pulp use in the recipe makes it the perfect summer coolant, and give it a bright looking orangeish yellow hue too. Khoya is also an essential ingredient in the barfi recipe which makes it soft and creamy in texture. Grated dry coconut is what gives the barfi the delicious earthen flavour, but fresh grated coconut can also be used in the recipe.

Watch The Recipe Video Of Mango Coconut Barfi Here:


2 cups dry grated coconut

2 cup sugar

2 cups water

2 cups khoya

1 cup mango pulp

Vark (Varak), as per need


– Dissolve the sugar in water and cook to make a thick syrup.

– Then, add 2 cups of khoya, grated coconut and 1 cup of mango pulp to it.

– Keep stirring for 15-20 minutes until the mixture thickens and the colour deepen from yellow to orange.

– Take the mixture out in a greased tray. Evenly spread it out.

– Cut it out in squares and add a layer of Varak to each piece.

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