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Spending your time at home may have you turning to the internet to find new things to do. You can binge the oh-so-popular Tiger King or you can attempt to pick up a new hobby. And thanks to Walsh Family Wine, you can also now do at-home wine tastings.

The family-owned winery has put together sets of wine that can be purchased and then shipped in time to participate in a virtual wine tasting the following Friday evening. The virtual tasting series is called “DRINKWELL” and takes place on Facebook Live. The most recent installment of the series happened on April 3, and a panelist of five people went through each wine to talk about the tastes, ideal pairings, and the creation process for each.

The next DRINKWELL tasting event is happening on April 10 at 5 p.m. EST. All three of the bottles for Friday’s event go for $82, although if you order after April 6, Walsh Family Wine can’t quite guarantee you’ll get your set in time for the tasting. It looks like the winery puts up each tasting set a week before the tasting, so keep your eye on their website and Facebook for the next wine set to go live for purchase.

Other brands are offering similar online wine tasting experiences: The wine subscription service Winc is still delivering their four-bottle monthly wine boxes and is hosting wine tastings on Instagram live featuring different guests.

Pretty much what we’re getting at is if you think you don’t have plans this Friday night, think again. There are so many ways to drink some good wine and learn something about it along the way. Virtual wine tastings for the win!

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