TikTok Users Unbelievable Hack To Seal An Open Cereal Box Will Make Your Day

A TikTok user invented an easy hack to seal a cereal box.


  • TikTok user came up with an easy hack to seal an open cereal box
  • The hack soon went viral on the video-sharing app
  • Take a look at the viral TikTok video

Breakfast is the first meal that enters our system that has the power to fuel the entire day. There may be days when we are pressed for time; when we barely have the time to cook something for ourselves. Cereal is a wholesome and easy breakfast option that can be whipped up in seconds without any hassle. All you need to do is simply whip the packet open, pop it into a bowl and add the milk of your choice to go with it. The struggle to reseal the box of cereal, though, is quite real.

We have often experienced the dilemma of how to seal the box to ensure none of the cereal becomes stale and goes to waste. One option is to empty its contents into an airtight box or jar to prevent the cereal from getting spoilt. But what if we told you the cereal box itself could be tightly sealed thus saving the hassle entirely? A TikTok user shared the hack to reseal an open cereal box on her handle. She suggested avoiding the use of the perforations on the box, and instead devised a quick way to seal the lid from both sides. Take a look:


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The user goes by the name ‘katybee2020’ on TikTok. She shared the impressive hack to seal a cereal box. What she did was to basically make one side of the upper portion of the cereal box like an envelope, into which the other side was folded and inserted. This would also obliviate the need for an external force like a rubber band or clip of any sort. The important thing to note was not to tear any part of the lid of the cereal box.

The TikTok video went viral on the video-sharing app within a short span of time, garnering over 8 lakh views. People commented on the video saying that it was an absolutely life-changing hack which they had never known of. Another user thanked the platform TikTok, saying it was like ‘free college’.

Thanks to this amazing and wonderful technique, our cereal boxes which actually prove useful and help our cereal stay fresh for much longer!

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