Top 3 Foods & Tips To Curb Sugar Cravings By Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

These are the foods recommended by Rujuta Diwekar to curb sugar cravings.


  • Untimely sugar cravings can come to anyone
  • Rujuta Diwekar decodes how to tackle these sweet cravings
  • She shared some tips and tricks in her IGTV video

The best of people on the most stringent of diets fall prey to untimely sugar cravings. We all crave that one little bite of our favourite dessert post meals, whether it’s a cake, a mithai or a cookie. The secret to kill these cravings lies in some simple adjustments to your meals. Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared some tips and tricks to nip sugar cravings in the bud. She swears by three important additions to our meal plan that would curb our urge to binge on sweets. Take a look at the Instagram video she shared:

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Here Are The Top 3 Foods To Curb Sugar Cravings By Rujuta Diwekar:

1. Intelligent use of spices

According to Rujuta Diwekar, the absence of spices is considered to be a so-called ‘healthy diet’ and is put on a pedestal. In fact, spices are a must in any meal or dish that is prepared at home. The absence of spices in our food is what gives rise to sugar cravings. “All spices have a blood sugar regulating effect. They ensure that there is a slow, steady release of blood sugar which is why you don’t get highs and lows,” said Diwekar in her video.

2. Tubers Like Yam & Suran

Tubers such as Yam, Suran, Beetroot, Arbi, and Sweet Potato are a must if you want to curb the urge to eat something sweet. Rujuta Diwekar recommends adding them to your meals at least 3-4 times a week. The tubers are great for people suffering from kidney problems, diabetes or irregular periods. They are also rich in antioxidants which keeps the skin looking healthy and replenishes the body too.

3. Peanut Powder

Peanut is a great addition to your diet for untimely sugar cravings. Peanut powder can be made out of it to add to any sabzi, chutney or dals. The presence of nuts makes the meal slightly sweet, and also gives it a satisfying and wholesome taste. “They are excellent due to the amino acids, fibre, and essential fats to your diet. Add it to one meal per day,” recommends Diwekar.

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12cgv6aoPeanuts are a great source of protein. 

The bottom line is that sugar cravings arise because something is amiss within our regular meals. “Sugar cravings basically come because we fall short of nutrients, especially Vitamin D and B12. They mostly happen due to a drop in essential fatty acids,” says Rujuta Diwekar. Thus, the most important thing is to eat a balanced meal which is complete with spices and the essential fats. There are a few other tips that Diwekar recommends in her video to get rid of sugar cravings, such as:

  • Drink adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated. Refrain from taking more than 2-3 cups of tea or coffee in a single day. Sugar can be added to it.
  • Adding ghee to your diet, which gives you the much-needed dose of essential fats and keeps you satiated for longer.
  • Having fresh Dahi and Chaas regularly, as they comprise a lot of essential nutrients such as Vitamin D and B12 which help curb sugar cravings.

Start with these small tips in your diet today, and see the difference!

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