Triphala Tea Is Another Recipe You Can Add To Your Diet For Immunity And Weight Loss

Triphala tea is known to aid digestion, resulting in weight loss.


  • Triphala powder is made of three powerful fruits.
  • Triphala tea is a herbal tea, great for immunity and weight loss.
  • Find out how you can make triphala tea at home.

Tea is an important part of our diet; it’s our go-to drink when we are tuckered out. We usually consume tea in its caffeinated form, but when we want a healthier option, herbal or green tea is the best bet. There are a string of herbal teas we can make at home, which provide a number of health benefits. One of the lesser-known but equally powerful herbal teas is triphala tea. As the name suggests, triphala is made with a combination of three fruits – Amalaki or amla (Emblica officinalis), bibhitaki or bhada, (Terminalia belerica) and Haritaki or harad (Terminalia chebula).

Triphala tea is made with triphala powder that you can easily buy at any grocery store, just like your regular tea powder. Many people consume triphala by mixing it with water and having it in the morning. Many of them also ingest triphala churan by washing it down with some warm water. Triphala tea is another great and tastier way to reap the benefits of this herbal concoction.

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Triphala powder is made of three fruits. 

Health Benefits Of Triphala Tea

  • Triphala tea is said to be great for digestion and may also provide relief from constipation by acting as a mild laxative. Amla present in the powder helps prevent inflammation in the stomach.
  • Triphala tea is replete with antioxidants that help protect us from infections and diseases by boosting our immunity.
  • Triphala tea is known to aid weight loss by breaking down accumulated fat in the body and improving our metabolism.
  • Triphala tea may work inside the body to properly absorb and assimilate nutrients, keeping us well-nourished.

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Triphala tea may boost immunity and aid weight loss. 

How To Make Triphala Tea:

Add about half teaspoon of triphala powder to a cup of hot water. Stir to mix well and then allow the drink to cool down a little before drinking it. Triphala tea will burst out a myriad of flavours in your mouth – sweet, bitter, pungent, sour – all together in one cup.

It is said that having triphala tea at bedtime is best as it promotes peaceful sleep and works its way up to weight loss. But, some people experience the need to urinate often at night, as triphala is diuretic in nature. So, you can also have triphala tea early morning for good immunity and weight loss.

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