Twitter User Combines Makki Ki Roti With Maggi, The Internet Is Disgusted

Maggi with Makki ki Roti was what one Twitter made during lockdown.


  • A Twitter user ate Maggi with his Makki ki Roti at home
  • He shared the picture on the social media platform
  • Internet reactions were mostly disgusted with the combination

There are interesting food combinations, and then there are food combinations that are completely bizarre. Such dishes and foods should be wiped off the face of the Earth, according to many who experience their tastes. A video of a fusion food – ice cream dosa – had been invented by a street dosa vendor and had got mixed reactions from the internet. A similar fusion food has been invented by a Twitter user, who combined homemade instant noodles Maggi with Makki ki Roti. Take a look at his post:

Rishav Sharma shared the picture on his Twitter handle. He was eating a Makki ki Roti made by roasting the Makki dough on a tawa, combining it with a masala Maggi, which was cooked with loads of vegetables. While most users expressed their sheer disgust at the combination, some poured in their reactions with hilarious memes. A few users actually didn’t find the dish repulsive, instead, they actually said that they would be interested in eating the bizarre combination. Take a look at all the reactions:

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There is no end to eccentric and weird things on the internet, with combinations like Kiwi Pizza also doing the rounds on social media. During the time of nationwide lockdown, many people are experimenting in the kitchen and enhancing their cooking prowess. Although the good thing about this combination was that it made the best of available resources, but the Internet did not find the concept of the Makki ki Roti and Maggi appealing.

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