Twizzlers Has A New Untwisted Version Of The Candy, So Say Hello to ‘Izzlers’

What happens when you untwist Twizzlers? You get Izzlers, of course! The new candy poses the question — are they still Twizzlers if they don’t have any twists?

Classic Hershey’s Twizzlers are made up of strawberry-flavored chewy candy in a rope-like shape. They’re known for their twists, so we’re going to have to rewire our brains to process the Izzlers. While they have the same flavor, those ridges have been replaced by a smooth surface.

Hershey’s has yet to announce the new Twizzlers candy. The only reason we know they exist is because they’re listed on Walmart’s website! We’re not sure if they’ve officially hit shelves just yet , but take a stroll down the candy aisle during your next grocery store run. The 16-ounce bag will cost you around $2.23, depending on location.

Izzlers are available for a limited time only, as described on the packaging, so if you want to see how your taste buds handle the same snack that looks different, pick them up as soon as you see them in stores.

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