Vietnamese Coffee With Naturally Low Caffeine, The Hottest New Trend in Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee With Naturally Low Caffeine, The Hottest New Trend in Coffee

With the emphasis nowadays on health and fitness, cutting down on caffeine seems to be one of the most often tried and rejected.

Most people would like to cut down on caffeine, but find the taste of decaffeinated disagreeable. Mixing half and half regular coffee with decaffeinated will add a little better taste, but with the emergence of naturally low caffeine coffees… problem solved!

Try Vietnamese coffee with naturally low caffeine, a hot new trend, that is taking the world by storm. If you are a connoisseur or coffee expert, or even a serious coffee drinker, you will already be aware of this exciting discovery. If you’re not, then it is time for you to catch up!

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, after Brazil, so they really know their coffee.

Many of the so-called experts with chains of coffee stores will sell you ‘decaf’ which actually does have a percentage of caffeine, but the majority is removed by chemical processes, which in turn deplete the flavor. These chemical processes entail the use of methyl chloride solution, which is contained in nail polish remover! And they still, unbelievably, are allowed to label it “all natural decaf”.

The Vietnamese coffee producers have cultivated certain varieties of coffee bean which grow with lower caffeine content; doing away with the need for artificially removing the caffeine with chemical processes.

This naturally low caffeine coffee retains a lot of the rich roasted flavor of full caffeine coffees, with only 35% of caffeine content, and no chemicals.

This exceptional blend of coffee produces a wonderful cup of naturally low caffeine espresso, and adapts well to other specialty coffees too. Its flavor is wonderful for iced coffee, and is fast becoming a favorite amongst iced coffee drinkers, allowing them to drink more of their favorite brew throughout the day, without losing the fresh brewed taste.

The best tasting, most popular brand of Vietnamese naturally low caffeine coffee is Passiona, from Trung Nguyen, with a rich taste with chocolaty-nutty undertones. An outstanding favorite amongst coffee drinkers, and a delicious alternative to those chemically processed decaf coffees.

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