Walmart Sells Tubs Of Bunny Bait That Combine Salty And Sweet

Although you might automatically think of chocolate bunnies and Peeps for Easter, there are other creative ways to satisfy your sweet tooth for the holiday. Our bunny bait recipe, for one, combines salty, sweet, and colorful ingredients for Easter and now you can get a similar snack pre-made from Walmart.

The Walmart mix is called “Munchy Medley,” according to its packaging, and it includes salty pretzels, white chocolate-covered pretzels, white chocolate Chex, and pastel colored M&M’s. You can also get pastel colored “Yummy Chow” (which is super similar to our Puppy Chow) and has powdered sugar-coated Chex mixed in with bright M&M’s.

Both mixes are sweet and crunchy, a combo your ordinary Easter candy can’t always compete with. The snacks were seen at Walmart by @foodymomma on Instagram, and people in the comments said they’ve seen similar treats available throughout the year around holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I’d assume that the colorful M&M’s inside will change to correspond with each holiday throughout the year, making the pastel colors perfect for springtime.

Although @foodymomma didn’t specify in her post where exactly in the store she found these, they’re likely shelved near the other fresh bakery items at your local Walmart. Both would make a great Easter basket addition or a fun dessert for the kids this Easter, especially if you don’t have all the ingredients laying around to make it from scratch. Sometimes it’s best to work smarter, not harder…am I right?

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