Watch: 2 Quick And Easy Sooji Tikka Bites For Low-Fat Evening Snacks (Recipe Video Inside)

These sooji tikka bites and crispy and full of flavours.


  • Want an easy recipe of evening snack for your family?
  • This recipe video lets you make 2 snacks at one time.
  • Sooji tikka bites use little oil to make, they are healthy and tasty.

When evening hunger strikes, our natural instincts make us reach for junk, high-fat foods like chips and fries. It’s not healthy to have these foods every day. Try to chart a healthy, low fat snack menu so that you are ready with tasty and healthy snacks when your family, especially kids, come to you hankering for them. Here is a recipe of sooji tikka bites that will let you make two types of snacks – one for adults and one for your kids.

The recipe video posted on YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’ shares an easy way to prepare two kinds of crispy sooji snacks with one sooji mixture. Both the recipes are quick and easy and you can choose to make both the snacks at a time or make them separately.

To make the common sooji mixture, boil semolina or sooji in water while stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed. Add onions, gated potatoes, red chilli flakes and coriander leaves. Let it cool.

Chatpata Sooji Tikka Bites:

This is a spicy, flavourful and crispy snack that will go perfectly with your evening tea. Add rice flour to bind the mix well, and also pav bhaji masala for some eclectic flavours. Grease a steel tray, spread the mixture on it and refrigerate for 1 hour till it sets well.

Cheesy Sooji Tikka Bites –

Again add rice flour for binding. Then, add a good amount of grated cheese. Add Italian seasoning. Go ahead to make these bites like you made chatpata bites.

You can roast, shallow fry or bake these tikkas to make low-fat, delicious sooji snacks.

Watch recipe video of sooji tikka bites –

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