Watch: 3 Quick And Easy Chutney Recipes You Can Make At Home

Chutney recipes to try at home.


  • Chutney is a quintessential Indian accompaniment
  • It comes in multiple flavours and can be paired with just about anything
  • Here are three chutney recipes that you can easily make at home

Whether it’s a boring dal or a bland curry, a dash of tangy chutney can spruce up even the most ordinary of meals. Chutney is a traditional Indian accompaniment that is used in meals since a long time now and comes handy to add more flavour to any dish. Be it the flaky samosa or a piping hot paratha or dal, chutneys make all of it a tantalising affair. Made with spices and herbs already present in our pantry, one can make chutney with many of the leftover products too.

We love chutneys so much that we have invented ways to eat/pair them with various foods; for example we like them as dips with pakodas, spread for our sandwich, et al. Some people have gone lengths to mixing chutneys with cooked rice for a mouth-watering meal. And not just meal options to relish, one can even try variety food items to make lip-smacking chutneys; from simple onion chutney to tangy mango chutney and to classic coriander chutney. A wholesome meal with delicious chutney on the side such as tangy chutney makes for a winning combination on a dinner table. And if you’re wondering how to make one at home, we are here with a quick and easy recipe to help you with it.

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Three chutney recipes from NDTV Food’s YouTube channel is a stellar one to try at home. Mango, tomato and coconut chutney are three of the most popular chutney recipes used across Indian homes and are immensely loved. While mango goes extremely well with rotis and rice, tomato chutney makes for an excellent sandwich spread, and coconut chutney is the quintessential south Indian accompaniment, without which everything from dosa to idli seems incomplete.

The mango chutney is a tempting mix of spices such as fenugreek, cumin, clove, asafoetida, turmeric and jaggery with grated mango. Tomato chutney has ginger, garlic, curry leaves, mustard seeds, black pepper and other spices tossed in with chopped tomatoes while coconut chutney is a quick and easy blend of grated coconut with green chillies, ginger and tamarind pulp mixed with coconut oil.

You can make all three chutneys for a dinner party at home within an hour to serve with a host of snacks and main course dishes. Find the 3 chutney recipes video by NDTV Food’s YouTube channel below. For more such amazing recipes, kitchen hacks and trivia, subscribe to NDTV Food’s YouTube channel.

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