Watch Demi Lovato Sing Cinderella’s A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Vocal powerhouse Demi Lovato channeled her inner Cinderella tonight, singing the princess’s biggest song from the film, “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” along with Michael Bublé for Disney’s Family Singalong special. Footage of her performance was juxtaposed with well wishes to frontline workers serving and treating others during the coronavirus pandemic. The clips added extra poignancy to the classic Disney song.

Ahead of the broadcast, Disney teased 45 seconds of Lovato’s cover:

All celebs singing in the Disney program recorded their covers in quarantine, as much of the country remains in social isolation to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Lovato’s participation in the Disney special comes days after her interview with Harper’s Bazaar was released. Lovato spoke about the status of her friendships with the Disney Channel stars she was close to during her teen days.

“I talk to Miley [Cyrus],” she said. “She’s awesome, and I love her to death and always will, always have. But I think she’s kind of the only one from that era that I still stay in touch with.”

Lovato said she’s not close to the Jonas Brothers or Selena Gomez, and added that she was confused by her former best friend’s tribute to her following Lovato’s Grammy performance. “When you grow up with somebody, you’re always going to have love for them. But I’m not friends with her, so it felt…I will always have love for her, and I wish everybody nothing but the best.”

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