Watch: How To Make Street-Style Aloo Lachha Tokri Chaat At Home To Satiate Your Craving For Chaat


  • People are craving for their favourite plate of chaat
  • Aloo lachha tokri chaat is made with crispy potato cups
  • This chaat can be satiate your evening-time hunger pangs

There is no doubt about the fact that lockdown due to novel Coronavirus outbreak has been tough for number of street-food lovers. If you look around, you will surely find several people discussing about how they miss stopping by their favourite ‘chaatwala’ in the evening for a plate of papdi chaat, aalu chaat, gol gappa etc. The love-affair between Indians and chaats has a history of its own; there’s hardly anyone in the country who can say no to a plate of lip-smacking chaat.

In the current situation, when people are not being able to step out of their houses, making their favourite chaat at home turns out to be the only resort. Several people have been trying their hands on replicating their favourite plate of chaat in their kitchen- some can be seen preparing gol gappa from the scratch, while others are making papdi chaat at home.

Adding on to this list, here we bring you the recipe of aloo laccha tokri chaat, also called katori chaat, which may help to uplift your mood amidst social distancing. This recipe can also be customised as per your palate. It is basically fried potato cups, topped with onions, capsicum, tomatoes, pomegranate, dahi, chutney and spices. A plate of aloo laccha tokri chaat is quite filling and can also be a perfect snack for you evening cravings. So, if you are craving for crispy, spicy chaat, try preparing ‘aloo laccha tokri chaat’ at home. Happy cooking!

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video For Street-Style Aloo Lachha Tokri Chaat:

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