Watch: Make Traditional Bengali Channar Puli Sweet That Looks Like Gulab Jamun But Is Not Quite Like It

Channar poli is a popular Bengali sweet.


  • Channar Poli is a Bengali sweet that looks like gulab jamun.
  • It is made with grated paneer and condensed milk.
  • With this recipe video, you can make channar poli in just 15 min.

Bengali sweets are not just popular in the state of Bengal, they have charmed people across all borders of the country. You must have already tried the famous sweets of sandesh, payesh, mishti doi et al. Here is another sweet that you are sure to add to your list of most-loved Bengali sweets. Channar puli is a luscious and delicious sweet that will remind you of gulab jamun, but it’s not really a gulab jamun.

Channar puli looks just like gulab jamun and tastes a tad like it but is a different sweet altogether. While Gulab jamun is made with mawa and khoya or milk powder, channar puli is made with paneer and condensed milk. Also, channar puli uses more flour in the recipe as compared to gulab jamun recipe. Some people also call it paneer gulab jamun.

This recipe video posted on YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ shows how to make this Bengali  delicacy that too in just 15 minutes. You have to knead dough with grated paneer, condensed milk, maida and baking powder with the help of ghee, not water. If you don’t have condensed milk, you can easily make it at home with this recipe.

From the dough, make small balls. You can give any shape you want to channar puli; you can make them round like gulab jamun or oval like you get in traditional Bengali sweet shops. Fry them and dunk them in sugar syrup (chaashni) flavoured with elaichi powder. 

Make channar puli to surprise your family with a ‘different’ dessert and we are sure they’ll love it.

Watch channar puli recipe here –

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