Watch: Move Over Fried Rice And Lemon Rice, This Zucchini Rice Can Add A New Twist To The Leftover Rice

Watch: Move Over Fried Rice And Lemon Rice, This Zucchini Rice Can Add A New Twist To The Leftover Rice

Zucchini can be a healthy addition to your diet


  • Zucchini promotes good digestion
  • It is struggle to feed zucchini to the children
  • Zucchini rice can spice up the boring vegetable

There are number of people around, especially kids, who make faces when they hear zucchini. All the mothers can relate to the struggle of feeding healthy veggies to their kids. What can be a solution to the struggle? The best thing to do is – spruce it up. All you need to do is give a flavourful twist to this vegetable. However boring the zucchini may be, adding it to your diet is a must due to its high nutrient content. This vegetable is power-packed with healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and is touted to promote good digestion, weight loss and heart health. It is also stated that zucchini may help to balance blood sugar levels and blood circulation.

So, we bring you a recipe that can help you spice up the vegetable and may lower your struggle to feed your child. It is simple yet spicy zucchini rice. This recipe can be made with the extra rice you have at home left unconsumed from your last meal. Yes, leftover rice is a very common thing in every household and we generally tend to make fried rice or lemon rice with it. This zucchini rice can be a good addition to the list.

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The recipe of zucchini rice is shared by renowned vlogger Manjula Jain, on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’, where she used rice, water, zucchini, oil, butter and some spices as the ingredients. She also suggested that one can use some cheddar cheese over the rice to make it even more tempting.

Here’s The Recipe Video For Zucchini Rice:

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