Watch: Pressed For Time? Make This Quick And Yummy Chatpate Aloo

Watch: Pressed For Time? Make This Quick And Yummy Chatpate Aloo

Potatoes are so intrinsic to Indian cooking that it is sometimes hard to wrap our head around the fact that the tuber was completely unknown to us before the 17th century. It was the Portuguese who introduced us to the vegetable and today we have so many potato-based delicacies that we can have it across three courses. It is particularly very easy to use potatoes for a quick, fuss-free dish. Take, for instance, this chatpate aloo. It is a kind of dry sabzi, made by tossing potatoes in a rich and eclectic spice-mix. This scrummy aloo recipe is a hit across age groups. You can pair it with puri or roti; you can also use the left-over sabzi for a sandwich filling. This is the recipe that will bail you out during time crunch.

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Watch this step-by-step recipe video of chatpate aloo and try it at home. It does not require you to hustle a lot in the kitchen, which is also a very useful recipe for those who have just started cooking or consider themselves as beginners.

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All you need to do is take a pan and dry-roast coriander seeds, sesame seeds and cumin seeds in a pan and them grind them together in a blender, keep it aside. Then make a ground paste of garlic, ginger, green chillies, coriander leaves and salt. In a pan, take chopped onions, tomato puree, and add the ground paste to it, then add some cubes of boiled potatoes, the ground masala and give it a good stir, add some fresh coriander leaves. Stir again and let it cook for 5 minutes. Serve hot.

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