Watch: This 5-Minute Restaurant-Style Pizza Pocket Can Be Your Go-To Snack (Recipe Video)


  • This pizza pocket can easily be prepared in hardly 5 minutes
  • Atta used in this dish makes it healthier
  • Atta is touted to be healthier than maida

Every mother can relate to the struggle of making something new for kids every second day. It is a universally proven fact that almost every kid loves junk and fast food; they are more inclined to a pizza or a taco than the regular roti sabzi. Hence, several mothers try different ways to make those fast foods at home with healthier alternatives; and there lies the actual struggle of being innovative every time! Some of the very common dishes mothers prepare for kids are pizza paratha, aloo sabzi roll and more.

To add to the list, renowned vlogger Parul on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’, shared a recipe of pizza pocket that can be a good option for your kid’s snack-ing menu. The best part is, this fast food can easily be prepared in hardly 5 minutes. To make it healthier, Parul used wheat flour, instead of all-purpose flour to make the pocket dough; this also makes the dish restaurant-like crispy.

Wheat flour, or commonly called atta, is easily available in every household. Atta is considered to be less processed, which helps it to retain most of the nutrients. On the other hand, all-purpose flour, or as we call it maida, is the most processed form of wheat and relatively unhealthy.

For making the dough of the crispy pizza pocket, Parul also used semolina or sooji, which is considered as one of the healthiest grains in India. It is also light in stomach and easily digestible.

Here’s The Complete Recipe Video Of Restaurant-Style Pizza Pocket:

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