Watch: This Cucumber-Lime-Ginger Juice Is The Ultimate Summer Quencher You Are Looking For

Watch: This Cucumber-Lime-Ginger Juice Is The Ultimate Summer Quencher You Are Looking For

This cucumber cooler is a treasure of nutrients

Summers are upon us and we are enjoying every bit of the longer and warmer days. We cannot wait to dig into the refreshing goodness of seasonal fruits and vegetables and are planning to make the most of them while they last. Mango, watermelon, berries, cucumber, jamun, litchi – our list of summer essentials are endless. This is why we do not mind combining the goodness of two or even three summer staples together. For instance, this cucumber cooler by Mumbai-based vlogger Alpa Modi, made with goodness of cucumber, lemon juice and ginger, is all you need to beat the heat and seasonal infections. Yes, you heard us! The immunity-boosting powers of ginger and lemon are well-known, much of which could be attributed to its free radical-fighting antioxidants. Cucumber is also replete with vitamin C that could do wonders for your immunity and skin.

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The recipe posted on the YouTube channel ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’ may also serve as a worthy weight-loss potion. Cucumber is all water and nutrients; it is also super low in calories. Ginger and lemon help rev up your metabolism naturally. This recipe contains sugar, but you can always leave it out, if you are a calorie-watcher. Sugar does no good for the body and if taken in excess amounts, it could also lead to weight-gain. This quick-to-make and cooling summer drink is a treat you would not want to miss.

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