Weber Spirit E-310 36000 BTU Gas Grill

Weber Spirit E-310 36000 BTU Gas Grill

Part of the Weber Spirit BTU gas grills, the E-310 36000 gas grill is one of the smallest in Weber’s line of large-size grills. Still, this model has three burners and 420+ sq. inches of main grilling space, making it very suitable for large family or party-style grilling.

For such a cheap price of about $400+, most people would expect this gas grill to hold back on features. However, they were amazed by the convenient frills, from the frontage condiment shelves to the twin heat trays and fully closed storage box.

The Weber Spirit E-310 36000 BTU gas grill is proud of its 36,000 BTU grilling power which can handle all kinds of cooking jobs. One more thing that you may not notice is that the left portion of the cooking area gets noticeably hotter than the right side.

This is because of the crossover mechanism of the ignition tube situated at the left portion of the grill crate. This is supported by layered steel cart grates, with stainless steel openings and coated side and rear panels.

The hood is crafted with cast-aluminum end caps and sheathed-enamel hood. The central thermostat is mounted and monitors the temperature while the grill lid is closed.

This gas barbecue grill has a single concentrated side tray with cast handle and front condiment tray. On the other side of the functional surface area, there is less space because of the three regulator gauges. Some people may appreciate this feature for its safety considerations.

Also with other Weber gas grills, you can get high quality stainless steel burner tubing that crosses horizontally to emit searing heat to the whole grilling area.

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