Weight Loss: Oranges May Help Manage Obesity; See How Much You Should Have Per Day

Orange is loaded with antioxidants and is low in calories and fat.

Fruit juices are the best thing to have in the morning for a great start to the day, and the citrus orange fruit is the most popular pick for it. Orange not just offers a fresh tangy and tarty flavour, it also readies the body to face the agonies of the whole day, be it physical exhaustion or mental stress. Orange is full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Another reason why you should wallow in this tasty fruit is to lose weight! Yes, consuming orange in ample quantity every day may help bring down excessive weight and may also help curb associated health issues.

The researchers at Robarts Research Institute in Western University found out that having around two and a half glasses of orange juice a day could reverse obesity and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The team discovered a molecule called ‘nobiletin’ in sweet oranges and tangerines that could significantly prevent and manage obesity. The findings were published in the Journal of Lipid Research. 

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Having around two and a half glasses of orange juice a day may help with weight loss. 

Researcher Murray Huff said, “Obesity and its resulting metabolic syndromes are a huge burden to our health care system, and we have very few interventions that have been shown to work effectively. We need to continue this emphasis on the discovery of new therapeutics.”

The team studied the effects of nobiletin on mice by feeding them a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet along with nobiletin. It was discovered that these mice were noticeably leaner and had reduced levels of insulin resistance and blood fats as compared to those mice that were fed a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet alone without nobiletin. 

“We went on to show that we can also intervene with nobiletin. We’ve shown that in mice that already have all the negative symptoms of obesity, we can use nobelitin to reverse those symptoms, and even start to regress plaque build-up in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis,” added Murray Huff. 

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