What Is a Pour-Over Coffee?

What Is a Pour-Over Coffee?

Pour over or filtered is on the list of the easiest ways of making coffee. This process involves the use a mug, ground coffee, a plastic funnel, and a cone-like paper filter. Once you have everything in one place, all you need to do is pour hot water on the coffee grounds in a circular motion. The water collected in the mug can be served. Let’s find out more about it.

There is a difference between batch brewers and pour-over coffee. First of all, it’s made when you pour hot water over the ground coffee manually. This is the reason some people call it manual or hand brewing.


People who sip pour-over coffee on a regular basis are kind of obsessed with this simple but special brewing method. The reason is that the brew is unique and requires that the user does a lot of practice.

Unlike other methods, pour-over makes the aroma and flavor more prominent. Therefore, it’s an ideal option for those who love the flavors and aromas of coffee. Apart from this, it features a clean, clear, and consistent liquid. The reason is that water helps extract the oils and fragrance from the grounds at a consistent pressure.

Also, the filter catches plenty of oils that make the liquid look clean. Since this is one of the best infusion approaches, it extracts the soluble more efficiently. The immersion method makes the water gets saturated while the pour-over method uses water that is supplied consistently.

Things you Need

Before you get started, you need to collect the required supplies. For best results, make sure you get all the supplies that the process requires. Given below is the list of supplies:

  • Kitchen scale
  • A cup
  • Coffee beans
  • Grinders
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • A good pour-over coffee maker

The Method

After you have all the required stuff, you can follow the steps given below for the entire process:

1. Grinding: Use the grinder to grind the beans to medium-fine

2. Prepare the Filter: This step is not required, but you just need to use a little bit of water to wet the paper filters.

3. Heat up the Water: you need to heat up the water at a temperature of at least 195 Fahrenheit.

4. Set up Everything: Now, put a pour-over on the cup or carafe. Afterward, you can place it on your kitchen scale.

5. Prep the Grounds: Prepare the grounds by wetting them for the process of extraction, and wait for a minute.

6. Pour the Water: Pour hot water over the ground coffee in a circular motion. Don’t forget to use the scale to ensure you are using the right amount of water.

7. That’s it. You can now serve the pour-over coffee.

Long story short, if you want to make your own pour-over coffee, we suggest that you buy a good pour-over coffee maker.

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