White Claw Announced 3 New Flavors Including Lemon

Sure rosé season exists in theory, but you’ll catch most people with a glass of the stuff year round. You should feel free to drink a margarita when it’s snowy and okay, I’ll say it—hot toddies are fine for summer nights! But just in case you’ve been avoiding spiked seltzer during the cooler months, this news from White Claw will have you busting into your stash in celebration.

White Claw announced today that it’s introducing three new flavors to its line-up—tangerine, watermelon, and the highly anticipated lemon. The flavors are the results of 16 months of work and tens of thousands of Twitter requests nagging the brand for new flavors (good job, guys!).

We got a chance to try these ahead of the launch and let me tell you…they’re good! I should preface this with the fact that I am not a HUGE canned cocktail gal. I love a White Claw, but I mostly prefer to spike a seltzer myself. These flavors, however, might just change all that for me.

The tangerine flavor is a sweet and light flavor that is perfect for those who don’t love the bite of artificial citrus. There’s none of that here. Watermelon is perfect for those who love a true summer flavor. I see this one being perfect for a cookout or the beach. I’m already dreaming up dishes to pair it with.

But the true star is the lemon flavor, which has been highly anticipated by fans. The wait was tough but I see why it took so long! It’s GOOD. I squeeze a lemon into my seltzer almost every day and this tastes exactly like that. I wanted to take it back to my desk and sip on it all day…but I didn’t. Because I’m a professional!

You can get your hands on these flavors way before summer even starts…i.e. right now. You can find them in a variety pack alongside one of White Claw’s other popular flavors: mango. Get cracking!

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