Will a Home Improvement Reboot Happen? Here’s What Tim Allen Says

  • Tim Allen says he’s “always” thinking about a Home Improvement reboot.
  • Though nothing is officially happening, the Last Man Standing star seems to think the cast would be on board.

    Tim Allen has been America’s dad for years. Currently, he’s the politically charged funny guy on Last Man Standing. But long before he was Mike Baxter, he was Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.

    Home Improvement ran from 1991-1999, and starred Tim as the hilarious TV host and father of three boys. People were crushed when it ended, but it turns out there might be hope for a revival down the line.

    Though no network is actively perusing a reboot, Tim told TVLine that “I always think about it,” and that he and the rest of the cast are very interested in making it happen. He doesn’t necessarily see it as a full series, but does envision a comeback of sorts.


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    “I like the idea of doing it as a one-off, like a one-hour movie,” he said. “I like the idea of finding out where the boys are now, and where…Tool Time would be in today’s world. I just think it’s a marvelous idea, and all the actors think it’s a great idea.”

    Can you imagine Tim, Taran Noah Smith, Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Patricia Richardson together again!? It’s too good to be true!

    Still, it’s not lost on Tim that a Home Improvement return might take a little finessing, as there are some similarities between it and Last Man Standing.

    “The question I had was, ‘Is it still relevant? Is Tim Taylor relevant in the Mike Baxter world?’ Because Mike Baxter is like a real version of Tim Taylor; he’s not such a joke. And the [Outdoor Man] vlogs are like Mike’s version of Tool Time done as a web series,” he explained.

    We totally get it—but we wouldn’t complain if we had both on TV. Just saying.

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