Yankee Candle Has A Chocolate Egg-Scented Candle

In a world where strange, food-scented candles are popping up left and right, Yankee Candle knows how to bring everyone back to center. Right ahead of the holiday, Yankee Candle is selling chocolate egg- and sweet bunny treat-scented candles that will be a perfect addition to your Easter food spread.

As much as eating chocolate eggs is reminiscent of Easter, the smell alone can satisfy that nostalgia while also giving your home a festive ambiance. Both candle scents come in the large jar Yankee Candle size, which means they have about 150 hours of burn time. The chocolate egg scent is decorated with colorful pastel chocolate eggs on the label and the wax is chocolate brown.

The sweet bunny treat candle has a vanilla cupcake with bunny ear decorations on the front and the wax is a bright pink color. The site describes the bunny treat scent as “vanilla cake topped with whipped buttercream frosting.”

Yankee Candle Chocolate Eggs


Yankee Candle Sweet Bunny Treats



Although it’s not a scent you’ll be burning all year long, these candles provide the scent and look that is ideal for an Easter gathering. Due to their size, if you don’t burn candles often and will be using these as more of a seasonal piece, these candles will last you quite a while.

At the moment, both Easter candles are only available in the UK but can be ordered online through the Yankee Candle site or Amazon. They go for £19.99 which is about $25 USD. Well worth it for a candle that smells great and can last you a few years!

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