You Can Buy A Bunny Hutch Kit That’s Like An Easter Gingerbread House

The winter holidays seem to get all the love when it comes to cooking and baking but you should know that there is a whole beautiful world of springtime treats and crafts you can get involved in. I am personally a fan of dying eggs (it gets you egg salad for like, days!), making a Bunny Cake, and even whipping up some JELL-O Jiggler eggs when Easter time rolls around. Now, it looks like I have one more craft to add to my list because “Bunny Hutches” exist.

Wilton Chocolate Cookie Bunny Hutch

These little guys are basically the Easter version of gingerbread houses and they were spotted by Instagrammer @seasonsalsweets4. The kits, made by Wilton Chocolate, include everything you could possibly ever need to build and decorate a chocolate cookie house. A hutch for bunnies, if you will!

This includes toppings like multi-colored icing, sprinkles, candies, and even a little bunny butt you can stick on the door of the home like they did, or really wherever you want. The possibilities are endless! Honestly, these are beating gingerbread houses for me right about now…who wouldn’t rather eat chocolate cookies than gingerbread? I know I would.

Luckily, these are super readily available. Seasonalsweets4 spotted them at places like CVS and Walgreens, but with a quick Google we spotted them at Target and Walmart too. Easter is only a few weeks away, and you’ll probably want to display whatever you make proudly for a bit so, uh, hop (haha!) on it!

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