12 Best Foods And Drinks At Knott’s Berry Farm

You’ll be pleased to know we took a break from Florida and made our way over to California a few weeks back when Knott’s Berry Farm was open for the season. (Yes, before the COVID-19 outbreak—now we are safely quarantined at home and very much hope you are, too). It won’t come as a surprise to you, I’m sure, that I adored the park and its boysenberry-laden food—adored it. So! Here is a comprehensive list of what you need to eat and drink at KBF as soon as you can return.

Fun Bun; Ghost Town Grub

Yes, hello, this is a “Fun Bun,” a perennial and famous Knott’s Berry Farm treat. It is a deep-fried cinnamon bun topped with a silky boysenberry glaze and powdered sugar. It is…heavenly.

Pork Ribs Dinner; Fireman’s BBQ

A heartier option, the Pork Ribs dinner comes with three massive (massive!) ribs, a piece of lovingly buttered garlic toast, and a huge baked potato. You’ll never feel fuller or more filled with joy.

Caramel Apple; Ghost Town Candy

The second I realized “Oreo bits” were a caramel apple topping option, I went allllllll in. The “bits” are, in fact, huge cookie chunks, and the apples get dipped into hot caramel before being covered in them. It is a dream for anyone who loves theme park food and floss sticks.

Boysenberry-Stuffed Churro; Mix-It-Up

Knott’s uses a proprietary machine to ensure their (also-proprietary!) boysenberry jam gets properly piped into this monster of a churro. It’s sweet, crunchy, and a delightful on-the-go snack.

Cookiewich; Mix-It-Up

I mean. Look at it. Need I even use my words?

Mexican Dog; Cantina

This bacon-wrapped, mayo-topped hot dog is an experience we should all have once in our lifetimes.

Carne Asada Fries; Papa Loca

What’s beautiful about these fries is that they’re handed to you with a true dollop of both sour cream and guac. Each cheesy, meaty French fry bite deserves a little of both after all, no?

Boysenberry-Topped Funnel Cake; Sutters Funnel Cake

The funnel cake itself is about…two inches tall, and the soft-serve that comes with it is about triple the height.

Mrs. Knott’s Famous Chicken Dinner; Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant

Indeed, it’s everything you’ve heard it is…and more.

Boysenberry Pie; Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant

See the previous item, but make it sweet.

Calico Soda; Calico Saloon

Another boysenberry-centric item, the Calico Soda is fizzy, fruity, and fun. Plus, you’re given enough to keep you hydrated for just about the whole afternoon.

Boysenberry Corndog; Strictly-On-A-Stick

If I tell you that there are crunchy boysenberry bits in the corndog batter, would you believe me? Or would you just keel over and die happy? Lmk either way.

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