4 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy on a Busy Work Schedule

Everybody knows how important it is to eat healthy, but very few of us actually make the sacrifices necessary to do so. Unfortunately, even those of us who actually are willing to eat healthy, don’t always have the time to prepare a balanced meal. However, it doesn’t have to be super complicated, which you will see as we go through the four easy ways to eat healthy on a tight schedule.

Learn to Love Healthy Fats

In The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz absolutely hits the nail on the head by going into great detail about why fat from healthy sources such as organic meat, dairy, etc. is actually good for us, contrary to popular belief. The good news is that you can put this knowledge to use here because healthy, fatty snacks are easier to make and they keep you fuller for longer, reducing your overall daily calorie consumption in the process. Not to mention, this means you won’t have to find enough time from your busy schedule to make six meals a day!

Learn to Love the Breakfast

Whether breakfast really is the most important meal of the day or not is something that varies from person to person, depending on their respective lifestyles, but if you are a busy man who has to rise up early and start early to have a productive day ahead, you will need to eat your breakfast and you will need to make it nutritious. Some of the best breakfast choices include eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, cottage cheese, protein shakes, bananas and green tea.

Your Fridge Freezer is Your Best Friend

Your fridge freezer is that friend of yours who wants to see you eat healthy even on your busiest day and that’s a fact! Prepare your meals during the weekend in batches and then store them in the freezer or fridge. A quality fridge freezer will keep everything fresh for days and all you will need to do after you get home after a tiring day at the office is take that roasted sweet potato or avocado-kale salad out of the fridge or freezer and put it into the microwave.

Eat Out Intelligently

There was a time when eating out was equivalent to eating junk food, but that is no longer the situation. There are multiple healthy eating options available to us these days and most restaurants nearby deliver to office or home. So, eating out is no excuse for eating junk anymore. If you are looking for healthy dishes, you can choose Japanese, Greek or even Israeli cuisines, but more importantly, go with a restaurant that mentions the primary ingredients in each dish clearly.

As a bonus tip, do remember to eat in small portions. Not only is it healthy, it will likely save you time as well. You can always add another helping if you need to but start with smaller portions than usual and that goes for all meals in general.