The Ember Temperature Control Mug

The dishware and drinkware industry has experienced rapid transformation in the recent past because of technological advancements. Ember Technologies is a perfect example of a company that has played a critical role in introducing technology into the dishware and drinkware industry. They have managed to take the industry to the next level through in various inventions. Ember Technologies, founded by Clay Alexander, is among the most successful dishware and drinkware companies in the world.

Ember assembled a team of experienced engineers and innovators from technology giants like Apple, Amazon Lab, Google, and Microsoft to work for him. Ember continues to enjoy some relative success in the industry especially when it comes to innovation success. The temperature control coffee mug is the most notable innovations from the company.

The Ember Mug Concept

The temperature control mug is meant to protect you from being scalded when enjoying your coffee or tea. The ember mug makes it possible for you to set the right temperature for your coffee. A dial that is located at the bottom of the mug is used to set your preferred temperature. The coffee cools to the desired temperature because of the mug’s rapid cooling capability.

The Ember Mug Review

It is easy to use the ember mug because the instructions are less complicated. The rotating dial at the bottom helps you to achieve the desired temperature. For a more effective control, you can connect the ember temperature control mug to a Smartphone app. However, there are other instances where one may need the app in order to use the mag. The mug can be operated manually because the app is only meant to make its operation more effective. You can get more information about the product from

The fact that the ember mug can be customized makes it to be very interesting. The mug has the necessary features to enable you change temperatures, select notification preferences, and create presets. The mug is easy to recharge because it has the necessary charging features. Ember provides its customers with a charging coaster when they buy the mug, and this helps them to easily charge the mug in less than thirty minutes.

The Ember Design
The design of the temperature control coffee mug involved input from different designers. In fact, Ember contracted Ammunition Group to help in designing the mug. This is a modern travel mug that can fit in a car beverage holder and a water bottle cage. A soft-touch material is used to make the mug’s outer covering to make it look attractive. The mug can be charged easily, and this is made possible by the wireless charging dock.

Ember has been able to make the morning routine very enjoyable through its exciting innovations like the ember mug. The mug’s amazing features makes it attractive to most users across the world.