5 Recipes With Sugarcane Juice You Must Try To Beat The Summer Blues

Sugarcane juice is extremely hydrating.


  • Sugarcane is a sweet fruit available in summers.
  • Sugarcane juice is a popular drink, which is extremely hydrating.
  • Here are other foods and drinks you can make with sugarcane juice.

It’s summertime and we are excited to welcome all the chilled drinks back in our diet. We all have spent our childhood stopping the carts strolling in the streets selling sugarcane juice and quenching our thirst with the sweet milky drink. Sugarcane juice (or ‘ganne ka ras’ as we fondly call it) refreshes us instantly. Summers are more fun with sugarcane available in spades all around us. Sugarcane juice is not just tasty, it is also superbly healthy. It is full of antioxidants and immunity-boosting properties that may help us ward off common cold and other infections. Sugarcane also abounds with proteins, minerals and electrolytes, making it a great drink for hydration, which is much needed during the sweltering weather of summers.

Sugarcane is the main crop used for sugar production and for making jaggery (gur) owing to its sweet flavour. When it is juiced and served chilled, it makes for a great refreshing summer drink. But if you are already bored of having the same plain sugarcane juice every day, you can fashion it into other drinks and also use it to enhance your food. Yes, dietary usage of sugarcane is aplenty. Are you curious to know what all you can make with sugarcane juice? Keep reading.

Sugarcane Juice Recipes You Can Try:

1. Karumbu Juice

This is a popular juice made with sugarcane and two other common ingredients that are always present in our kitchen – ginger and lemon. Peel the sugarcane and chop it into small pieces, grind it in a blender with ginger. Squeeze out the juice and serve with a dash of lime juice. The addition of flavours will let you enjoy a different version of sugarcane juice.

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sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice with ginger and lemon makes for a refreshing drink. 

2. Sugarcane Dessert

Make kheer, payasam, sorbet or ice-cream with the juice of sugarcane. The best part is you won’t have to add any sugar to sweeten it. Sugarcane juice is enough to lend flavour as well as sweetness to your dessert.

3. Sugarcane Stick Snacks

Make vegetarian or non-vegetarian snack-on-a-stick with the help of sugarcane. Make a coarse mix of minced meat or vegetables; wrap it around sugarcane sticks and deep fry to make spicy plus sweet snacks.

4. Lemon Chicken With Sugarcane Juice

Add some sweetness to the zesty lemon chicken with sugarcane juice. Make lemon chicken the usual way with spices and lemon juice. In the end, pour some sugarcane juice to enhance the flavour of this refreshing chicken dish.

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Add sugarcane juice to lemon chicken to add some sweetness to it. 

5. Sugarcane Cocktails/Mocktails

Add sugarcane juice to your cocktails or mocktails recipe along with other various ingredients and discard adding any sugar. Serve chilled tasty drinks to your guests which will also hydrate during summers.

Try these recipes with sugarcane and beat the summer blues with these hydrating foods and drinks with a tinge of sweetness.

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