Pizza Hut’s Big Dipper Pizza Is Back On The Menu

Pizza Hut has been hinting at something big coming back to their menu, and we can finally confirm the news. The chain is bringing back the Big Dipper Pizza, a fan-favorite menu item that yields 24 slices.

The hints weren’t exactly vague, with Pizza Hut tweeting out a photo of the Big Dipper constellation made out of pepperonis instead of stars but, hey, I’m just happy it’s official! The Big Dipper Pizza is about two feet wide and can be ordered as plain cheese, pepperoni, or half and half. Each pie comes with four dipping sauces (thus the name!) two marinaras, one ranch, and one honey BBQ sauce. The 24 slices it yields are the perfect size and shape for dipping.

Each Big Dipper Pizza will go for around $12.99 and can be ordered as delivery, carry-out, or dine-in. It’s out just in time for March Madness so if you’re looking to feed a crowd for a basketball watch party, this is a great choice for your spread and it comes with a sauce for anyone’s preference!

In the press release, Pizza Hut also said that this is just one of the many limited-time offers that will be available this year. The Big Dipper Pizza is a returning menu item, but there are all new limited-time offers in the works. Once we know more about these offers, you’ll be the first to find out.

As with most LTOs, the prices and availability will vary based on location, so hit up your local Pizza Hut before your March Madness party guests get too excited.

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