6 Delicious Dals From Across India That You Can Prepare During Lockdown


  • India cuisine comprises a myriad of dal preparations
  • Dals are good sources of protein
  • Dal is a rich source of antioxidants too

The wide gamut of dal preparations in this country is proof of our unique love affair with dals. Whenever we have to eat something, light and healthy – we turn our eyes towards the pulses. However, we are also well aware of the versatility of our lentils, and how they can be transformed into something decadent in a matter of few minutes. If you have just started exploring yourself in the kitchen during this lockdown, there is no better starting point than dals.

Here are recipes of some of India’s finest dal preparations. Try them at home and let us know how you liked it:

1. Dal Makhani

You have seen your Instagram friends making this at home, haven’t you? And you are envy them each time, don’t you? Well, it is time to don the apron after all, for we have the finest dal makhani recipe with us here. Dal Makhani is a staple across North-Indian restaurants and lavish Indian buffet spreads. The black urad dal preparation, with oodles and oodles of cream has fans across the globe- you cam pair it with roti of naan.Click here for the recipe.

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2. Bengali Chana Dal

Made with goodness of rich Bengal gram, ghee, assorted spices and dried coconut bits, this dal preparation screams indulgence. Pair it with luchi, a close cousin of puri made with maida. You can also have it with rice for a wholesome and scrummy fare. Click here for the recipe.

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3. Dal Dhokli

For the unversed, dhokli is a savoury dumpling made with whole wheat flour,. A bunch of these dhoklis are simmered in a heart tuvar dal preparation for a traditional Gujarati marvel called Dal Dhokli. Pair it with rice, and you have a sumptous dinner at your disposal. Click here for the recipe.

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4. Sambar

Sambar is a South-Indian sensation, which is basically a wholesome stew made with tuvar dal, tamarind pulp, mustard seeds, curry leaves and few vegetables. It is mostly paired with idli, vada, dosa, utthapam. Make sure you have this soothing stew piping hot for best experience. Click here for the recipe.


5. Chainsoo

A traditional pahadi recipe, this ground kali dal preparation has strong hints of garlic and coriander. Click here for the recipe.

6. Punjabi Dal Tadka

The fiery dal preparation is a crown jewel of almost every roadside dhaba up North. The highlight of the preparation is the tantalizing tadka made in ghee with a bunch of rustic spices, that really livens ups a simple dal preparation, you can have it with roti or naan. Click here for the recipe.

There, we saw you slurping! What are you waiting for, let us know which recipes you tried in comments section below. 

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