Lockdown Cooking: Try This Black Bean Hummus For A Scrumptious Mezze Meal At Home

Here is a delicious hummus recipe that you can try at home.


  • A middle-eastern delight, hummus is quite a staple today across countries
  • Hummus tastes the best when paired with pita bread
  • Here is a wholesome and delicious black bean hummus recipe to try at home

The Middle-Eastern cuisine is full of delish delicacies that are hard to resist. The ever popular falafel, pita bread and baklava each has a great fan-following. Hummus yet remains one of the most loved Middle-Eastern dips across countries. The rich and creamy dip that was once an exotic accompaniment has intrigued the world today.

Middle-Eastern wonders like shawarma and hummus have found a loyal audience all across India. The chickpea-based dip is now paired not only with Middle-Eastern dishes but also with various other dishes. Be it a spread over sandwich or a dip with our bowl of fries, hummus can be found with everything and anything. No wonder we can get hummus at grocery stores these days. However, amid the lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is quite a task to get our hands on our favourite hummus. But does that mean we’ll have to let go our cravings for the mushy goodness altogether? Absolutely not!

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We’ve got a ridiculously easy hummus recipe, packed with protein and fibre so you binge on it without being guilty! Black bean hummus is made with the goodness of sesame seeds, garlic and black beans mixed together. The mix is then combined with cumin powder, black pepper powder, curd, olive oil and salt. The topping of lemon and coriander sprigs give a refreshing flavour to the dip.

Black beans come with a host of nutritional benefits. It is considered great for controlling blood sugar levels and is low on calories while being rich in proteins and fibre. This combined with protein-rich sesame seeds make for a wholesome, scrumptious dip that can be paired with anything you fancy. Try it with pita bread, vegetable salad or a mezze platter that you love!

Find the recipe of black bean hummus here. Try it at home and let us know your experience ein the comments section below.

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