A Woman Went Viral For Holding Up A “Need More Wine” Sign

Social distancing can be tough on families, especially because you should only be interacting with members of your immediate household. That can be especially hard on seniors, who, as a more vulnerable population, are also encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

But even in tough situations, people have luckily been able to find some levity. For example, Kelly Muller shared a hilarious photo on Facebook of her mom Annette holding up a sign in her window that read, “Need more wine.”

“Went to my 82 year old Mothers House today to check on her and to see if she needed anything. She was anxiously waiting for me at the Window 🤦‍♀️ #MamaMuller #SeniorProblems #SocialDistancing,” Kelly wrote in the caption.

The post quickly went viral, with plenty of people relating in the comments. “Necessities,” one person wrote. “That’s the truth!!” another said. “I need one of these signs,” someone else said.

Kelly told TODAY that Annette has always been “the life of the party” and has stayed upbeat, even after losing her husband to prostate cancer and one of her daughters to ovarian cancer.

“My mother is the toughest person I know,” Kelly said:

Also, my brother, Kirk Muller, played in the NHL for 19 years so my mom is known as the biggest hockey mom in our city. She hasn’t missed a ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ hockey game on Saturday nights in, I don’t know how many years, and she still has a glass of wine and watches her hockey games on TV.

Annette lives alone just a mile down the road from Kelly, who said she checks on her mom every day from a distance.

“I wasn’t shocked to pull up and see her holding up a handmade sign,” Kelly said. “I asked her what kind, and she said, ‘Red? White? It doesn’t matter to me. They all taste the same!'”

Don’t worry: Annette got her wine. Kelly later shared an update on Facebook of her mom happily posing with an uncorked bottle.

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