You Can Order Rare Wines From Napa Valley Today

David SilvermanGetty Images

Restaurants are becoming pop-up super markets, chains are operating as drive-thrus, and wineries are also finding ways to still offer some products to those who want them during this trying time. Napa Valley, for example, is having a huge online sale of some of the rarest wines out there.

The “Open the Cellar” event is only running until midnight tonight, so you’ll want to act fast if you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Organized by the nonprofit trade association Napa Valley Vintners, an event like this has never been done before.

According to Food & Wine, the sale includes over 250 wines from over 150 producers. The selection of wines even features certain bottles that are exclusively sold at the wineries and others that are rarely available online. Due to the variety available, prices also range everywhere from $25 up to $600.

Of course, the popular wineries in Napa Valley currently have their tasting rooms closed, so this sale helps directly benefit those small businesses with each purchase. You can browse the available bottles on and can search by bottle type or winery name is there’s something specific you’re looking for or something you’ve always wanted to try.

Be aware that some wineries have specific restrictions of where they’ll ship, so be sure you’re in one of the areas that your bottles can get to you. If you’re not as dedicated of a connoisseur, there are other more basic wine subscription and alcohol delivery services you can use instead.

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