Aldi Is Selling Carrot Cake Dessert Hummus

Carrot cake for spring is not ground-breaking, but carrot cake-flavored dessert hummus? Now, that’s something. Thankfully, Aldi agrees. The supermarket chain is selling the sweet stuff, and it’ll be the next lovely treat you didn’t know you needed spoonfuls of.

According to Instagrammer @candyhunting, Aldi is now carrying carrot cake-flavored dessert hummus. While it’s no replacement for actual carrot cake, it’s the combo hummus and carrot cake fanatics need to try out. The best part is that it’s totally gluten-free and vegan-friendly. You can dive into it with graham crackers, fruit, pita chips, marshmallows, a spoon…and even carrots, perhaps?

If you’re not in the business of loading up on the same dessert hummus flavor (i.e. your taste buds get bored easily and you need a palate cleanser), Aldi is also selling a chocolate cherry cheesecake dessert hummus. After all, too much of one flavor can completely ruin it. It’s like when you hear a song one too many times and end up unable to bear it.

If, like one Instagram commenter, you’re wondering if these hummus flavors are “just mashed dessert or made from hummus,” they are, in fact, made from chickpeas like your typical savory hummus. Although, I admit, mashing up carrot cake and dipping other snacks in it doesn’t sound too bad, but that would defeat the whole healthy alternative to regular dessert factor that dessert hummus offers. Try it. Or don’t!

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