Aldi Is Selling Lemon And Honey Cheese In The Shape Of A Chick



Aldi never fails to offer us top-notch, mood-uplifting eats, like jalapeño popper breadsticks and maple french toast bagels, to name a few. The latest Aldi offering you’ll want to immediately add to your cart is a lemon and honey cheese that’s packaged in the shape of a chick. It’s the sweet, cheesy find we all deserve to indulge in this spring.

Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds spotted this Wensleydale cheese in stores after an eight-day period sans Aldi (tragic but necessary as we all practice social distancing). The cheese seems to come in an assortment of other cheeses from Wensleydale that includes a raspberry and white chocolate flavor as well as an aged English cheddar. The Easter-themed assortment features egg- and chick-shaped cheeses packaged in pretty spring colors. It’s not clear if you get one cheese for $3.99 or the assortment. Either way, it seems well worth it. Plus, have you ever heard of a fruity, white chocolate-flavored cheese? I can’t say I have.

If you’re looking to add these to your Easter baskets this year (as you should), grab ’em while you still can. Aldi won’t be open for any last-minute shopping on Easter day, so plan accordingly. While you’re at it, make sure to check out Aldi’s edible cookie dough or cheesecake jars for dessert. Did I mention they’re also selling loaf cakes in flavors like Tiramisu and Jamaican Rum? The options are truly vast. Have at it!

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