Aldi Is Selling Mango Moscato For All The Sweet Wine Drinkers


Aldi seems to have the hookup in the fruity alcoholic drink department. Lately, the supermarket chain has been selling bottled pineapple mimosas and bottled bellinis. The next fruit-flavored drink to hit shelves is a mango moscato. All sweet wine lovers and moscato enthusiasts will want to get their hands on a bottle or two to sip on this summer.

The Aldi-obsessed Instagram account @aldi.mademedoit shared an image of the Massimino Mango Moscato it spotted at the chain. The product is currently listed as one of Aldi’s upcoming finds on its website, so it’s set to be in various stores in the coming weeks. The fruity wine comes in a 750-milliliter bottle that features an orange top and small floral design, which coincides perfectly with the mango flavor. From the photo, the wine’s ABV and price aren’t obvious, but the flavor popped up in Aldi stores last year for $4.99, according to Elite Daily. I’d bet it’s the same or fairly close this time around.

People were delighted in the comments, saying that the drink looks crisp and refreshing. Thankfully, multiple people confirmed that. One Instagrammer said that the last time she had it was in 2018, and it didn’t disappoint.

A mango-flavored wine paired with this bottle’s design screams “drink me poolside.” It would almost be a crime to not drink it in an outdoor space, at the very least. Be on the lookout if you’re a fruity, sweet wine drinker!

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