Dole Is Donating More Than 2 Million Pounds Of Fresh Produce

Dole Food Company announced this week that it was donating 2.2 million pounds of fresh fruit, as well as other household supplies, to communities all over the world that need it.

In the release, Dole said that it and its associated growers had given the produce to “recipients along its supply chain, from local food banks in the U.S. to the communities in Latin America” in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The virus is ruthless, and we have seen the brutal impact it has had on people—directly to their health and their income,” CEO of Dole Food Company Johan Linden said in the release: “We want to answer the needs of the communities around our operations and do what we can to strengthen them during this moment of hardship.”

Dole has made donations in places like New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In addition to these produce donations, Dole has also started issuing support to rural communities in Latin America where much of its fruit is grown. The company has been distributing household staples like rice, beans, and cooking oil, as well as masks, sanitizing gel, testing kits and other “health supporting supplies.”

“The consequences of this crisis are just starting to be felt here and the need for social support will continue to be felt in the weeks and months to come,” President of Dole Fresh Fruit Latin America Renato Acuña said in the statement: “Our local foundations and those of our associated producers are actively working on the ground and on the front line of this crisis, and Dole will provide additional support as long as necessary.”

Finally, Dole is also participating in the Feeding our Frontlines program to distribute boxes of fresh produce for healthcare employees to take home for their families.

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