Sonam Kapoor Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies And Refused To Share With Anand Ahuja!

Sonam Kapoor baked healthy cookies at home.

The lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak has brought to fore the hidden talents in all of us. Just like most of us and many other celebrities, Sonam Kapoor too has been trying her hand in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals for husband Anand Ahuja. And, the internet-savvy actor has been regularly giving us a glimpse into her kitchen adventures through her Instagram account. A few days ago, Sonam Kapoor made a healthy meal of stir fried tofu with bell peppers and onion petals, for husband Anand Ahuja.     

Another day, she prepared a power-packed breakfast for Anand Ahuja again, it was a platter of sunny side up eggs combined with stir fried veggies like  broccoli, spinach, beans and mushrooms, with avocado slices on the side. 

In her latest cooking venture, Sonam Kapoor turned the tide and baked some indulgent chocolate chip cookies, and this time she refused to share it with her husband and decided to wallow in the cookies all by herself. Sonam Kapoor went ahead and shared a detailed step-by-step recipe and visuals of the cooking process as she was making them. 


The gluten free, refined sugar-free double chocolate chip cookies were made with gluten-free flour, sugar-free cacao powder, homemade almond butter, coconut sugar, coconut oil, chocolate buttons, and more baking ingredients. She baked the cookies in the oven, and we saw beautifully puffed up cookies coming out of the oven. 


The cookies must be so irresistible that Sonam Kapoor decided in an instant that she won’t share them, and wrote on her post “I’m going to eat these all @AnandAhuja.”

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