Guacamole-Flavored Doritos Exist And People Are Freaking Out


Chips and guac is the epitome of an excellent chip-dip combo, don’t you agree? Fortunately, Doritos honed in on that epic duo to create guacamole-flavored chips. The thought of dipping these in a big bowl of guac is overwhelmingly joyful.

The Instagram account called Well This Is New posted the chips, and people unsurprisingly went wild. The product was found at a Waitrose & Partners store, which is a Bristish supermarket chain. The chips come in a green and orange bag. Although they’re shown being dipped in a mild salsa on the packaging, they’d likely be phenomenal when dipped in guacamole, queso, and really any other dip imaginable. How could you go wrong?

The word “new” on the packaging was definitely being called out by Instagrammers who have already had the pleasure of being introduced to these chips. One Instagrammer commented on the post saying they had these when they were a child and are ecstatic that they’re back. Other people tagged friends to get the word out. Whether this flavor is truly new or not, it’s bound to be new to at least one person on this planet.

The guac flavor isn’t far-fetched, so hopefully it’ll become a hit and spread worldwide for those who haven’t tried it yet. In the meantime, we can all make deep-fried guacamole balls and keto avocado chips. Our love of avocado knows no bounds…

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