Hostess Has Baseball Cupcakes In ‘Day Game’ And ‘Night Game’

It remains to be seen how much baseball (if any) we’ll all be seeing this summer, but one baseball-themed treat has already made its way to shelves this spring and we’ve gotta say, it’s pretty delightful. Hostess has given its CupCakes a sports-themed makeover in two different, pretty creative ways.

Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack_ spotted these Hostess CupCakes that look like baseballs, aptly named Hostess Baseball CupCakes. Best of all, they come in two different varieties that are sure to please anyone: Day Game and Night Game.

The Day Game Cupcakes are made with yellow cake, vanilla creme, and vanilla icing with red swirls made to look like baseball seams on top, while Night Game looks is made with chocolate cake, vanilla creme filling, and vanilla icing on top with red icing swirls. There’s really something for everyone here…provided you like icing. And who doesn’t?

Not only are these themed CupCakes super cute, but they’re also apparently super delicious. One commenter had already managed to try them and had some great things to say.

“Obsessed with these!! So much better than original cupcakes imo,” one person wrote.

If you’re intrigued, you can pick these up at Walmart for around $2.86 a box. If these aren’t exactly your vibe, no worries! Hostess has a ton of other delicious treats for spring including Iced Lemon CupCakes, Strawberry Twinkies, Spring CupCakes, Carrot Cake Donettes. You really cannot go wrong with any! Happy snacking!

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