Aldi Is Selling Restaurant-Quality Calamari

A good bowl of crunchy calamari is an awesome way to get a dinner started out right. Luckily, Aldi just made it way easier to enjoy some delicious calamari while sitting on your couch…in your sweats.

The grocery chain is selling Salt & Pepper Calamari from Phillips Seafood, and it’s just like the stuff you find in restaurants. The calamari was spotted in the Aldi freezer section by Instagram account @TheAmazingAldi, and it looks so, so good. “Mmm… calamari,” they wrote in the caption.

People were pretty excited in the comments. “I need this,” one wrote. “Oh yesssss please,” another said. Others said they’ve tried it and, yup, it’s tasty. “These are sooooo good,” someone said. “This stuff is delicious,” another wrote.

Here’s what we know about this calamari right now: It’s modeled after the popular appetizer you can buy at Phillips Seafood restaurants. Just like that app, the at-home version is seasoned with salt and pepper and dusted with oven-ready breading. It also comes with a side of sweet chili sauce for an added kick.

BTW: You can have your calamari in a matter of minutes. According to the cooking directions, it just takes nine minutes in the oven before your starter is ready to go. That is just enough time to heat up some leftovers and queue up something good to watch on Netflix.

Aldi isn’t the only place where you can score this yummy app: It’s also available at Target right now.

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