Costco Is Selling A LaCroix Spring Variety Pack



LaCroix has more than 20 flavors of sparkling water and, at this point, there’s pretty much a flavor for any occasion. You can reach for Coconut on a hot day, Apple Cranberry once fall hits, and Blackberry Cucumber just about any time. Now, Costco has a 24-can variety pack that’s just made for spring.

The pack was spotted by Instagram account @TheCostcoConnoisseur and it includes a little of everything. You can choose between Limoncello, Hi-Biscus!, and Pasteque. LaCroix isn’t holding back on the labeling for this one, calling it an “Extravagance of Delicious!!”

Here’s a breakdown of the flavors, in case you’re not familiar with them:

  • Limoncello: LaCroix describes this as having a “hint of lemon” with a “smooth finish” that gives you a “taste of the Amalfi Coast.”
  • Hi-Biscus!: This has a “slightly botanical” taste, LaCroix says.
  • Pasteque: In case you missed it in your high school language class, “pasteque” is the French word for “watermelon.” This sipper has a refreshing, sweet watermelon taste.

    In true Costco fashion, this variety pack is dirt-cheap: It costs $7.99 for 24 cans, which ends up being about 33 cents a can. Not bad for a little fizzy taste of spring!

    Costco doesn’t currently offer the variety pack on its website, but sightings of the selection are popping up all over Instagram, so you should be able to find the case next time you hit the store.

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